April 2014 – Andrew Griffiths: 7 Powerful Strategies For Doing Business In A World Of Change


smllandrew-griffiths-5Andrew Griffiths is a leading global business and entrepreneurial commentator. He has 11 books sold in over 50 countries and he is recognised as Australia’s #1 small business author.

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Andrew’s advice comes from his own experience as a business owner for most of the past 30 years, as well as the work he does with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners every year.

Andrew’s 7 strategies are equally relevant for small business owners through to large corporations.

There is no doubt that how we used to do business is not necessarily the way we will be doing business in thefuture. Everything is changing, from the way we buy to the way we communicate to the competition we face.

In this insightful and inspiring keynote presentation, Andrew is going to share exactly what is changing in thebusiness world and most importantly, what we need to be doing to stay successful.