February 2015 – Patsy Rowe: Secret Women’s Business (Men Welcome!)

patsyroweweb-1Patsy Rowe is a woman of extraordinary talent, who has achieved enormous success in business, much of which can be attributed to her positive attitude, her wicked sense of humour and her impeccable manners.

Last year, Patsy did over 250 interviews on Business Etiquette! Audiences are most interested in what she has to say. And so too, will you. It’s NOT about personal etiquette (holding your pinky out when you drink tea) – No! It’s about business etiquette!

She has also appeared on Sixty Minutes, Today Tonight, Sunrise, A Current Affair and the Today Show and this year, has recently finished her third publicity tour to the United States. She enjoys teaching etiquette on the Outback School of the Air which covers a million square miles and conducts “Boot Camp For Blokes” where wives, mothers and girlfriends entrust their blokes to Patsy for a day of spit ‘n’ polish.

She’s an extraordinary woman – sho knows what she’s talking about and has years of experience to back it up.

Patsy also presented for SBI in 2003… and people warmed to her not only because of her light-hearted presentation style (which had people highly engaged and rolling in the aisles), but also because Patsy delivers hope to us all in this fast-paced world – and on this occasion – she will be presenting a business breakfast on Wednesday 25th February (see option #2 below), and a half day workshop on the next day on Thursday 26th February (see option #1 below).

You can choose to just come to the breakfast, or do both the breakfast and the workshop, and get the breakfast for FREE (included in your workshop ticket)

OPTION 1: SBI Workshop (includes SBI Breakfast Event)

Business Etiquette

WHEN? Thursday, 26 February 2015 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (AEDT)
WHERE? The Brassey of Canberra (Barton, ACT)

businessetiquettecoverwebBusiness Etiquette is a vital key to differentiating your business from that of your competitors. In this fast paced world, where many are unsure of current business etiquette, it is a topic that we must visit to get it right – and to know what really matters in our communications with our clients, colleagues and suppliers.

You never get a second chance to make an impression. And first impressions last. Do you want to polish your personal skills or those of your stff and colleagues and be more successful in business?
Whether you’re already at the top in the business world, or on your way there, a knowledge of today’s rapidly changing business etiquette can make the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. Business etiquette provides the strategies by demonstrating what to do, when to and how to do it. What we’ll cover in this workshop/seminar is:

  • How to dress for success & project confidence – even when you don’t feel it!
  • The key to being assertive: how to say “no” when you need to
  • How to make networking functions really work for you and increase your bottom line
  • Wining, dining and winning – whether as a host or as a guest
  • The secrets of working effectively from a home office
  • If you have to ‘say a few words’ – some tips to make a speech at a work function or wedding/introduce/thank a speaker/propose a toast and much more

Social Media and networking have meant instant communication channels and the danger of not following business etiquette, could lose you business.

Come along to find out what matters & how you can make a difference in your business strategies, both face-to-face and online.

Keep your competitive edge and maintain successful business networks, as this covers everything from the all-important first impression, how to dress for business, making effective introductions, effective mixing and mingling at networking functions, dining etiquette right through to the finer points of international etiquette.

OPTION 2: SBI Breakfast

“Secret Women’s Business” Patsy Rowe – (Men Welcome!)

WHEN? Wednesday, 25 February 2015 from 7:15 AM to 9:00 AM (AEDT)
WHERE? The Brassey of Canberra (Barton, ACT)

“How to Get it All and Keep it.”

swbNow, that’s something that may well interest the men in the audience, as well as the women!

As we continue to get the wheels turning for our businesses in 2015, this talk will be a great starting place to help us get perspective and to enter the business arena in the right frame of mind.

With her high profile position in the media with weekly radio segments on both commercial radio and the ABC, teaching etiquette on the Outback School of the Air, conducting “Boot Camps for Blokes” along with her life as a busy author, columnist, book critic, and keynote speaker, Patsy too has at times been a pressure cooker waiting to explode, but her lively sense of humour and grace under pressure have enabled her to finally feel she “has it all”.

Factor in more engagements than you could poke a stick at, more weddings than she’ll admit to and her successful ‘current marriage’ of over 20 years and it’s easy to understand why she’s a practised master of the art of getting it all. In ‘Secret Women’s Business’ Patsy will tell us her own hilarious story, sharing anecdots of her career from teaching English literature to selling radial car tyres. Be ready for a lot of laughter!